Series One Info

32 Characters
6 Rarity Types
12064 Card Variations
Features VOID Staking Protocol
3 Charged Particle Easter Eggs
and more...

Void Supernaturals: Series One is a collectible art card series celebrating notable characters that have populated the collective human experience for as long as recorded history has existed.

The Guild and Onessus have partnered to bring you this beautiful and diverse series of cards which feature 32 characters styled across four classes and six rarity levels, interpreted and imagined by 13 incredible artists from the respected collective.

The Guild are pioneers in the Ethereum NFT ecosystem, having created the first nested & interest-bearing NFT artwork entitled ‘Pandora’s Box’ in partnership with Charged Particles, which sold for 42Eth as well as the breaking Async’s record for a collab sale (in USD) with their genesis work ‘Cyber Watch’. This work was acquired for 88Eth by Veritas Kami (of the Metapurse fund)- the famous buyer of Beeple’s ‘Everydays’ which sold for $69 million in late 2020. More recently they also collaborated with SportsIcon for the release of the Lion Club - a membership based NFT project with exclusive access and perks within the sports arena. The entire avatar project sold out!

Quality, diversity, collaboration and community are key values that we believe in and are super excited to be working with Onessus to create our first series of Void Supernaturals on the WAX blockchain!

Void Supernaturals: Series One features the beautiful work of these distinguished artists. 

With each iteration of the series, we will feature a rotational roster of artists from The Guild, enabling collectors to own stylistic aspects of each through our collaborative efforts.

Each artist’s style is showcased through the different components of the cards in the form of character creation, background or frame design. As a collective, we often enjoy the fusion of work and style - so these cards stand as a full piece with no indication of the sectional creators. 

With enough discovery, you might uncover them and find your favourite! This is CryptoArt after all!

Shinji Akhirah

Rutger van der Tas

King Debs

Airco Caravan




Mr Monk

Panter Xhita


Silje Thorn

Shelly Soneja

Ytje Veenstra

The Core

The Guild & Onessus collab collectible packs, Void Supernaturals.

Void Supernaturals: Series One is the first in a series of collaborations between Onessus and The Guild. The Void Supernaturals collab is a celebration of mythical characters that have defined the human experience over the course of history, as imagined by The Guild’s NFT artists.

Pack Quantity: 2999



Contains 5 cards

Pack Quantity: 999



Contains 25 cards

Pack Quantity: 1999



Contains 13 cards